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Akesis greek Thyme honey is the best superfood Greece has to offer taken with care by the hand of the family of Vasilieou Kontou. Thyme is considered the top beekeeping plant, due to the intense aroma it gives to the honey as well the great nutritional value. Greek thyme honey is of the highest quality. Colored like amber and pleasant in taste. Honey made from thyme is more difficult to be produced since the flower of thyme is very sensitive. Being harder to gather in combination with the particularly pleasant taste, makes thyme honey the hardest one to find.

Since the dawn of time, honey has been a glorified superfood. Ancient Greeks used the synonyms nectar and the food of the gods to describe honey and its healing properties. But this happened for a good reason! As food honey is one of the most valuable, nutritious, and healthiest ones. It provides muscles with energy, mind with clarity, it detoxes and adjusts the peptic system. Honey’s regular use gives vigor to the organism and contributes to prolonging life!

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