Flower Honey Glass Jar | Akesis

7,2017,00 incl. BTW

By beekeepers of southern Olympus.
All-natural honey with no added preservatives.
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Akesis greek flower honey is the best superfood Greece has to offer taken with care by the hand of the family of Vasilieou Kontou. Flower honey or blossom honey is made by nectar from flowers. Light amber in color, it has a sweet flavor with a keen taste. The flavour of the honey depends on the flower the bees visited first. An important detail to know is that flower honey crystallizes over time. Nothing a bain-marie can’t fix!

Since the dawn of time, honey has always been a glorified superfood. Ancient Greeks used synonyms nectar and the food of the gods to describe honey and its healing properties. And this was not without the reason. As food honey is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthiest foods. It provides muscles with energy, mind with clarity, it detoxes and adjusts the peptic system. Its regular use gives vigour to the organism and contributes to prolonging life!

Flower honey has been effective in strengthening the nervous system. One or two soup spoons greek flower honey is enough to cover a significant portion of ones daily energy needs.