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100% Cretan
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SMARI Cretan pine honey is harvested from the pine forests of Kalamafka Ierapetras. Pine honey is one of the best varieties of greek honey. A thick honey with unique flavour and aroma, of high nutritional value.  It contains high levels of minerals and trace elements. It is a miracle for stomach aches, intestinal conditions help with anaemia, has antiseptic and diuretic action. A unique characteristic of greek pine honey is that due to its low percentage of glucose ( under 30%), it can never form crystals even after many years have passed. 

Since the dawn of time, honey has always been a glorified superfood. Ancient Greeks used the synonyms nectar and the food of the gods to describe honey and its healing properties. And this was not without the reason. As food honey is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthiest foods. It provides muscles with energy, mind with clarity, it detoxes and adjusts the peptic system. Its regular use gives vigour to the organism and contributes to prolonging life!

Pine honey crystallizes very slowly after 24 months because the glucose it contains is very low.

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