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Have the finest Greek products delivered directly to your door.

Find traditional homemade Greek desserts such as Bougatsa, Baklava and many more here on our online shop. Have cookies that are filled with orange marmalade, tahini (sesame) and chocolate melt in your mouth. And don’t forget about MERENDA itself! And because Spanakopita, is a family’s favourite, it is freshly made with care and is ready to be devoured!

We also offer a specialised selection of high-quality olives and olive oil, balsamic glaze and jam. Plenty of our Greek delicatessen products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians so that almost everyone can enjoy them. Gluten-free options are also available.

From Crete to Prespes and from Meteora to The Peloponnese, visiting our online shop will make you discover every corner of Greece… bite by bite.

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Find our wide range of vegan products here.

Sweet tooth?

Here a selection of our decadent and handmade Greek desserts featuring delicious cookies and cakes using only the freshest ingredients.

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We at p__d are committed to ensure that all freshly made, preserved and bottled products are prepared and packaged with the utmost care for all of us.